What we are

AMF is a EBM/Synth-Pop/Techno music project from across the german republic! We come from Baden-Württemberg, North Germany and Thüringen. The sound unites us. Together we stand for diversity, tolerance and acceptance. We say no to bashing and hatred. For people who put themselves above others we put our statement: “Adios motherfuckers!”

Who we are

Here is a short introduction of the members of this project.

Rene Mußbach (Germany)

Rene sings for the Depeche Mode cover band “Personal Jesus” and for the Synth Pop Project “Analogue-X”. For AMF he found a rougher use case for his brilliant voice.

Susan Mußbach (Germany)

Susan is Rene’s partner and sings backing vocals for AMF to add a certain sweetness to the songs where the story line demands.

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Martin von Auen (Germany)

Martin is the founder of the project, does the management, edits videos and participates as a consultant in all stages of the creative process.

Esther Beck (Swiss)

Esther writes the lyrics for the songs. Her shining metaphors and dystopian verbal structures are simply stunning.

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Charly Beck (Germany)

Charly does the composition and production of instrumentals using uniquely recorded analog and digital synthesizer sounds. Check his press-kit.

Florian Goldbach (Germany)

Florian creates the cover-arts for AMF with amazing motives.