Eiszeit (feat. Linus Pryne)

Lyrics by Esther Beck & Charly Beck

love is dead in a world of psychopaths
fear is in the eye of the beholder
don’t let them be you

it’s getting – it’s getting hot
we’re getting – we’re getting cold
we’re shutting – we’re shutting up
as we’re being – we’re being told

are we being changers
lonely riders on blank prairies
Are we getting strangers
racing highways of black concrete

do we live in a manger
of our own philosophy
detect the (true) danger
of what they call the only ideology

keep it up
heat it up
keep it up

choose your side
take that ride
smash your pride
high Tide

you better place a bet in this (lethal) roulette
the wheel is spinning – spinning around
who will be winning – winning the round
you better pay the debt – of your ego mind set
and give – what you get: life threat, roulette

are we all our own slaves
binding the ties of society
are we caught up in chains
gazing at our cage of anxiety

are we the rangers
cultivating a nowhere land
let us be game changers
before the very end

if we still can, we still can
we still can