Screaming Light

Lyrics by Charly Beck

break my heart, i am far away
your understatement on every day
human souls i heal and i have to show
you know

Flake apart, you’re here to stay
commanding to re-enact this play
every part, my realm – you have to pray
but hey

Anxiety? what are you waiting for
fear my force again not to be any more
feel my pressure, light my fire in grey
don’t hesitate i will lead the way
so stay
to prey

every time being brothers in mind.
i want to be your slave
light my fire when it’s time to go
and everybody is save
fighting for your dreams so stark
there’s a question in the dark
you and me in shimmering light
revive to build an ark

I’m screaming light
you never gonna fear my figure in the night
I’m screaming light
you’re understanding and you wannt to see it right
so fight!

living in darkness, living in time
my imperfection in every mind
moving in harshness hearing the chime
joining that race of the other kind

in fight!

pressure the one
tie everyone
will-nilly done

so fight!

you grow every night
i’m feeling so fine
you will never cry