DJ No_Whr_Grl (Mexico)

Mexican DJ based in Mexico City. She is also DJ resident of the Mexican record label ‘Sector Industrial’ and one of the DJ that collaborates with Artefaktor Radio with the weekly show ‘Electric Sounds from Nowhere’

Among her main influences are genres of the goth or dark scene, with rhythms that range from the classic post-punk, gothic, and other sub-genres derived from these movements, such as synthpop, minimal, cold wave, and others.

As a DJ, she is an enthusiast of the dance floor and always enjoys bringing ‘old school’ beats, like Italo-disco or new beat pieces as well as trending genres or artists.

Despite her short time as a professional DJ, she has participated in some events and clubs in Mexico City such as ‘The Real Under’, ‘Foro Bizarro’, ‘Mask Ball 2019 edition’, and other presentations in Mexico, including Tijuana and Guadalajara.