DJ Donas Mayorga (Mexico)

Donas Mayorga is a founding partner of Metropolis Org, a group dedicated to the organisation and logistics of concerts, events and parties, mainly in the synthpop, EBM, industrial and electro movement. 

He is also the representative of the Strange Mode Official Fan Club Association, an official and registered Depeche Mode fan club since 1993.

His career as a DJ started in 1994 and he has played at iconic night clubs such as La Iguana Azul and Las Hormigas Bar, plus being a resident DJ at Dada X in Mexico City downtown for 12 years and the Real Under for 2 years. 

He has played as a DJ alongside bands like Hocico, Dulce Líquido, Melotron, Angels and Agony, Decoded Feedback, Icon of Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, Combichrist, Clan of Xymox, Elegant Machinery, among others. 

He has shared decks with TALLA2XLC, Melotron’s Andy K, Hocico’s Racso y Erk, VNV Nation’s Ronan Harris, Erasure’s Vince Clarke, Moenia’s Midi, Devil Driver’s Ashes, Aesthetic Perfection’s Daniel Graves, Minitry’s Sin Quirin and Assemblage 23’s Tom Shear. 

He has participated as a DJ in events organised by the very well known but now extinct Rock 101 radio station and all the Depeche Mode parties organised by the Strange Mode Fan Club since 1994, always playing the main DJ set. 

He is the creator and host of the weekly show “Elektromaniak” on Artefaktor Radio since May 2020.